How To Improve Your Vertical Jump?


Being able to carry out a vertical jump not only involves raising your gravity center in a vertical direction while making use of certain muscles in your body but also to be able to make a jump in a vertical direction from a standing position. This takes working on coordination, body balance and strengthening the leg muscles. In other words making sure you have a coordination of all the parts of your body which will enable you to leap higher up into the air.

The vertical jump is an important skill which is needed in many different types of sport such as basketball, volleyball and football. One way in which you can measure your vertical jump is to stand up against a wall and then jump as high as you possible can in a vertical direction and touch the wall with your hand. Make a mark on the wall and once you begin training repeat this step to see how you are improving. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

In order to improve your jump you must begin vertical jump manual exercise which involves training certain muscles in your body which in turn will increase your strength and power. There are many different exercises which if done daily will show a significant improvement in your vertical jump especially increasing its height. The first types of exercises are known as strength exercises and these are designed to help to improve your muscle and tendon strength. In turn they will increase power in your legs and hips and give you the ability to jump so much higher.

Some of these exercises include lunges, squats, and calf raises. The best type of exercise for increasing leg power and in turn increasing your vertical leap have proven to be squats. You must perform the squats correctly to be able to improve on your potential and to avoid injury. Lunges are another important form of exercise as these can be done with weights. You must remember to increase the weight gradually, improve your calf muscles by doing calf raises and doing this regularly will help to improve on your vertical jump.
Keep in mind it takes concentration and determination and once you begin training you must continue training day in and day out in order to start seeing improvement in your vertical jump. The more you train the better your chances for better and higher jumps will be.


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